Year 2006

China Baxter Packaging Co., Ltd. was established

Huaxia Baxter Packaging Co., Ltd. established a factory located in Yanqing Road, Chengyang District. Committed to packaging production.

Year 2006

Self-care inspection enterprise registration certificate

October 16, 2006 Huaxia Baxter obtained the registration certificate of self-care inspection enterprise

Year 2007

Factory relocation

Moved to a new factory, located in Yuhuangling Industrial Park, acquired new printing presses, compound machines and bag making machines. Put forward the business philosophy of "make green packaging and ensure food safety" and integrate with the international quality system to ensure that the packaging is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Year 2008

Quality management system certification

China Baxter Packaging has passed ISO9001, ISO22000 and China's quality and safety requirements, such as "Production License (PP)" and "China Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine License (CIQ)", "Integrated Quality System (IQS)". A major quality manual covers 19 quality programs and more than 100 quality records. The implementation of IQS makes it easier and easier for us to train our employees, better manage, and meet quality and safety standards.

Year 2012

Further development

The company introduced the eight-side sealing bag making machine and got further development in production. Relying on advanced technology and equipment, the company has been providing quality services to domestic and foreign markets.

Year 2014

Expand the plant and increase production.

In the second half of the year, we will introduce high-end ten-color eight-color printing machines, which are environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Introduce a new compound machine. Expanded the factory floor area. From a small factory to a medium and large factory. The company provides professional services to more companies with excellent quality, and China Baxter has become an ideal partner and trustworthy company for new and old customers at home