Spanish research found that external inks can also pass
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Chemical watch News on November 20, 2014, Spanish scientists studied the migration of ink components of food contact materials (FCMs) and found that 24 chemical substances can migrate from the outer surface of multilayer packaging materials to food during food storage. .

 Researchers at the University of Zaragoza in Spain studied the migration of inks in several multilayer materials to two simulated foods. The results show that 17 of the 24 chemical substances can migrate from the tested material (the material is composed of ink, polyethylene phthalate (PET), aluminum and polyethylene).

The researchers concluded that migration depends on the phenomenon of material shut-off during storage, which allows ink components to migrate from the outer surface of the printed food contact material to the inner surface of the non-printed food contact. External coatings can significantly reduce migration. However, scientists say that the composition of these coatings needs to be carefully selected because it does not completely prevent migration and may cause the migration of another component.

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