Plastic gravure environmental friendly benzene and ketone-free ink
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Plastic flexible packaging has become the dominant packaging in people’s daily life due to its bright appearance, good water resistance and good barrier properties. Plastic flexible packaging printing mainly uses plastic gravure inks. However, the inks currently used in this area in my country have become environmental Pollution and an important factor endangering personal safety. Therefore, the recent calls for benzene-free plastic flexible packaging have been louder than ever. Qingdao Huaxia Better Packaging Co., Ltd., as a benchmark company in the industry, uses Japan's Toyo benzene-free and ketone-free environmentally friendly inks to implement environmental protection concepts throughout!

      In order to comply with the requirements of environmental protection and food safety, benzene-free and ketone-free inks that replace benzene-soluble chlorinated polypropylene composite inks are quietly emerging in plastic gravure printing. This benzene-free and ketone-free ink is an alcohol-soluble ink, ester-soluble ink, alcohol ester ink, and alcohol-water ink using ethyl acetate, ethanol and water as the main solvent. It has low odor, no benzene, ketone, etc. Enterprises and franchisees are collectively referred to as "green ink".