Green Packaging Issues Facing the Export of Agricultural Products
uptime:2022-03-12   view:1905

According to relevant data, in the next 10 years, "green agricultural products" will dominate the world's agricultural product market, and well-designed and standard "green packaging" will be an effective passport to enter the international market. Compared with other industrial products, most agricultural products are food, and the international market has stricter environmental protection requirements. Therefore, green barriers are more of a "barrier" for agricultural products. However, judging from the current situation in my country, due to the low level of agricultural industrialization in my country, agricultural products have become the most difficult commodity in my country's current environmental protection. This is another level where my country's agriculture has become a worry in the face of green barriers. Therefore, my country's agriculture is facing very severe challenges. Taking active measures to produce and package agricultural products with green concepts has become a requirement for my country's agricultural products to break through the green barriers and compete with other countries' agricultural products. Food packaging safety has increasingly become the focus of attention from all walks of life, and food safety has become the most concerned and most realistic interest issue of the country, enterprises and consumers. Because of this, Qingdao Huaxia Baxter Packaging Co., Ltd. is people-oriented and actively responds to the call of the country. It puts forward the business philosophy of "making green packaging and ensuring food safety", and strictly controls and controls all aspects of packaging raw materials, production technology, and process control. Improve and integrate with the international quality system to ensure that the packaging is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.