Make green packaging to ensure food safety
uptime:2022-01-18   view:1830

Qingdao Huaxia Baxter Packaging Co., Ltd. is people-oriented and actively responds to the call of the country. It puts forward the business philosophy of "make green packaging and ensure food safety". It strictly controls and improves all aspects of packaging raw materials, production technology, process control, etc. The quality system is integrated to ensure that the packaging is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The so-called green packaging means that it can be recycled, reused or degraded, save resources and energy, implement packaging reduction, and in the entire life cycle of packaging products ( From material and product processing to waste disposal) Appropriate packaging that does not cause pollution to human health and the environment. Vigorously developing green packaging materials and extensively developing green packaging are of particular importance. It has become an inevitable choice for all countries in the world to develop packaging and an inevitable trend in the development of the packaging industry.